How much will I get from my accident settlement?

When your lawyer starts talking settlement amounts with you, the question most people want to know is how much they will end up with after the layers' fee, expenses and liens.   The below form will quickly calculate the net for you.   If a portion of your settlement will be used to purchase an annuity (structured settlement), deduct the cost of the annuities to get the amount that you will be given by check.

You will need 3 pieces of information from your lawyer:
  1. The total amount of the proposed settlement:   This includes the cost of any annuities.   Using the below form you can change the settlement amount to see how much you will end up with for different settlement amounts.
  2. The Disbursements and Expenses of your case:   You attorney may only be able to give you a rough idea of what the expenses are initially.   Average case expenses before trial would be about $1,500.00 if there were not experts hired.   Average case expenses after trial would be about $15,000.00 depending on how many experts are hired.
  3. Liens:   You may have liens on your file for expenses paid by Medicaid, Medicare, Workers' Compenstation, Disability, No Fault benefits above $50,000.00, Social Security, funding companies who have advanced you money on your case, or doctors who have treated you based on a lien.   Many liens, such as Medicaid, Medicare and Workers' Compensation, can be reduced by at least 1/3 of the cost + 1/3 of the expenses/disbursements.   Ask your lawyer for the net amount of the liens.   This may only be approximate.

do not use commas
Amount of Settlement:
Liens owed:
Gross Settlement:
Less Expenses:
Net Recovery:
Less Attorney Fee:
Net Before Liens:
Less Liens:
Net to you: