How to sue a business in Small Claims Court:

NOTE:   Starting April 18, 2011, Small Claims Court will be open only on Thursday evenings.   It was normally open Monday through Thursday evenings, but is being reduced to 1 night a week to save money.

Can I sue in Bronx Small Claims Court?

You can sue in the Bronx Small Claims Court if all of the following are true: Top of Page

What to do before you start a Small Claims Court case.

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How to start a Small Claims Court case.

The court system provides an excellent Small Claims Court Guide that explains the Small Claims Court's proceedures.   To start a small claims case in the Bronx: Top of Page

What to do on the Hearing date.

You should be prepared to go ahead with the hearing on the Hearing date, by having your proof and witnesses with you.   On the first Hearing date, however, it is not unusual for the Defendant(s) to ask for an adjournement.   The Court will usually give at least 1 or 2 adjournments if any party needs time to prepare for the hearing: Top of Page

After the Hearing:

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