How to file a criminal charge without the police

There are times when a police officer may not arrest someone in response to your 911 call.   It may be because the police officer has decided to believe the other side of the story, the police officer is not familiar with a specific law or just thinks that what happened is too small or trivial to make an arrest.

This can happen when you call to report a violation of a Protective Order, such as when an ex-boyfriend comes to your house when he's not allowed to under the Protective Order.   Other examples may be when someone is harassing you on the phone, at work or on the street.   A police officer may try to get you to drop the matter rather than arresting the offender.

If the Police Officer gives you the option to make the arrest, and you think that you or your family might be in danger, don't feel that you should just drop the matter.   Demand that the cop make the arrest.   If the cop will not make the arrest and you believe that a criminal charge is necessary in order to protect yourself or your family (especially when there is an Order of Protection), you can make the complaint directly with the office of the Bronx District Attorney.   To make the complaint: There is no guarantee that the District Attorney's office will file the charge.   Whether they file the charge or not, they can also refer you for other services.   If you believe you or your family are in danger, it is certainly worth the trip!