Posting Bail/Bond.

Bail is not supposed to be a punishment for committing a crime.   In New York, it is only to be used to make sure the defendant comes back to Court.   It is a type of deposit that will be returned at the end of the case if the defendant makes his or her court appearances.

In deciding whether to set bail on someone, a judge will look at certain factors such as:
  1. the character, reputation, habits and mental condition of the defendant,
  2. the defendant's employment and financial resources,
  3. the defendant's family ties and length of residence in the community,
  4. criminal and juvenile record,
  5. previous history of making court appearances,
  6. the weight of the evidence against the defendant, and
  7. the potential sentence that could be imposed on the defendant.
In the Bronx, bail can be posted in person at:

Vernon C. Bain Center (VCBC)
1 Halleck Street
Bronx, NY  10474

You must pay the bail with: All checks and money orders must be payable to "Vernon C. Bain Center." To post bail for someone you will need your personal identification and the New York State Identification (NYSID) number for the person to be bailed.

For more information on how to post bail, go to the NYC Department of Correction website or you can call the New York City Automated Jail Hotline at (212) 266-1500