Writing your landlord.

The single biggest thing you can do to get your landlord to do something, is to PUT IT IN WRITING!   Anything you have said to your super or landlord can be denied, writings can not be denied.   Until the landlord believes that there could be some responsibility for not fixing something, there will be no rush to get it done.

A written complaint or request starts to create a chain of responsibility that can later be used when filing a health or rent complaint or in court.   Writings always get attention.   Phone calls and verbal requests often get lost.

An effective letter doesn't have to be long and should never be complicated.   It should simply state:
  1. What is wrong.
  2. How long the problem has existed.
  3. Why it is either dangerous or limits your use of the apartment.
  4. Who you have already told about the problem.
  5. What you want done.
The following are sample letters which you can modify to your specific facts and worries.   You should send a confirming letter every time you complain about the condition to the super or the landlord.   You can send the follow-up letter after a week or so depending on how dangerous the condition is.   If the repair is not done after the follow-up letter, consider asking the Court to make your landlord do the reapirs: Top of Page

How to mail your letter: